Solved No media USB Drive

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There was a lot of tools to repair our USB Flash drive, you can use one of them based on USB Flash Drive problem that you got, such as :
- USB Flash can not be formatted
- USB Flash can not be recognized by windows
- USB Flash drive with no media status
- USB Flash drive detected by windows but disappeared from windows eksplorer
- USB Removable disk with zero volume
- USB Flash not detected even in Disk Management window
- Failed diskpart command to fix USB removable disk
- Failed to update USB flash drive driver

on my own experience, i have USB Flash drive V-Gen with no media status.
What i have done with this? :D
honestly, i tried to create a bootable USB Drive to repair my PC. after that, i have my USB Drive disappeared from windows eksplorer. I think, it caused by unrecognized partition format of the USB drive.

Several ways have been tried to get solved No media USB Drive problem,  few of them are :
- Open the Disk management window and change the drive letter
- Use command prompt and type diskpart command (list disk, select disk, clean, convert MBR, and create partition). in this way (in my case), i have failed on "clean" step. my USB Drive disappear from windows eksplorer.

Solution :
1. Download JetFlash Online Recovery and select Jetflash General Product Series from here
2. plug your USB Flash Drive to laptop/PC
3. Extract and Run OnLineRecovery Application (make sure you still have an internet connection)

Jetflash in action to recover your USB Drive
4. wait a moment and voila ..... , you got a new fixed usb device.

 i hope you get a solution from here, before deciding to buy a new one.
Thanks transcend team.
Keep smile and get solution :D